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Fircroft Graduates


Sally, Krystal and Alison


Chris, Francesca, 
Katie, Siobhan and Andrew


Stephen, Nathalie, Asia, Thomas,
Katie, Azza and Nazmun

Our 2012 Graduates give their opinions on the Fircroft International Graduate Programme...

What made you apply to the graduate programme?
Thomas: "This graduate programme lets you see the business as a whole and gives you a rounded view of each individual department. It gives you full exposure to the business and how an organisation of this size operates; I don’t think many other graduate programmes offer this."
Stephen: “Fircroft places great investment in its graduates giving plenty of opportunity to explore the dynamics of the company first hand.”
Nazmun: “The diversity of the programme gives me opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of the business.”
Asia: “The first thing I saw was ‘international’ in the title of the programme, being an avid traveller, I clicked on the job role instantly.”

What do you enjoy most about the scheme?
Nathalie: “I think the rotational placements are hugely beneficial as I will get to meet so many different people and work within different teams. From this I will be able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and where I work best.”
Nazmun: “Everyday I am always learning something new. Each placement within the programme is different.”

What has been the highlight of your experience so far?
Thomas: “Placing my first contractor was a huge highlight and achievement, it brought a great sense of satisfaction.”
Azza: “The highlight for me has been receiving positive feedback from clients and getting to know fellow colleagues and candidates.”

What are your career aspirations within Fircroft?
Stephen: “I want to understand the business more, to keep learning and developing professionally through being proactive and open to any opportunities that come my way. I would like to eventually progress into management and gain experience working in overseas locations to assist the growth of Fircroft.”
James: “My aim is to progress and succeed in all the departments across the graduate scheme and then upon finishing that use what I have learned to move forward in my career.”

How have you settled in within Fircroft?
Stephen: “I have settled in Great! Everyone at Fircroft has been very welcoming and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone. They have been friendly and supportive throughout my time here, answering and asking questions, assisting in tasks and have been very approachable.”
Nathalie: “I have settled in better than I ever could have expected. I took the big decision to move 200 miles from home to become involved with the Graduate Programme and it was the best decision I could have made. Everyone, at all levels, has made me feel very welcome.”

Is the graduate programme what you expected?
James: “Yes, we are given the opportunity to grow whilst receiving support throughout the scheme and I am now really looking forward to moving around the departments and adding to what I have learned.”
Katie: “Yes and much more. Everyone I have met so far in Fircroft has been so supportive and this has made my time here very enjoyable.”
Thomas: “Yes, it is fast-paced and seems, and at first it seemed a little over-whelming, but once you begin to settle in and become more confident in your abilities and with your team, it becomes an exciting and enjoyable challenge. It builds your confidence and with each department you go into you add more valuable attributes to your skillset, maximising your potential.”

What valuable experience and skills have you gained whilst being on the programme?
Stephen: “I have gained several valuable skills whilst being on the programme. Through the excellent training Fircroft has provided, I now fully understand the recruitment process and my knowledge of the Oil & Gas industry has increased my ability to speak confidently to candidates about positions and opportunities with world leading clients.”
Azza: “The main skills I have learned so far include: improvement on my written and verbal communications skills and confidence dealing with clients and candidates on a daily basis.”

What can new graduates expect?
Asia: “I think new graduates can definitely look forward to a company culture that is very different to the masses. There is plenty of character to Fircroft formed by the people who work here and the work ethic of the company. The graduate programme is a great opportunity to educate yourself about the several departments in Fircroft and as well as finding out exactly where you fit best.”
Nathalie: “New graduates can expect to become part of a unique and exciting programme within a rapidly growing and successful company. You will have continuous support whilst on the scheme and in turn you will be given the opportunity to forge a promising career.”
Katie: “New graduates can expect to gain an opportunity to work within a great company, developing your career whilst working in a supportive environment.”

Advice you would give to anyone applying for the scheme?
Asia: “I think the most important thing is to be yourself and to be truthful. Being successful in the assessment process isn’t about being the loudest or most brash but being memorable and for the right reasons. Make sure your personality shines through.”
Thomas: “Make sure you can get the most out of the scheme; you can design it around yourself and shape it to match your ambitions. It is a very flexible scheme so it could be beneficial if you have an idea of what you want to get out of it, because Fircroft will do their best to cater for you.”
James: “Just do your research before hand and be enthusiastic with it, it really is a good place to work so you should be!”

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